275 GTS, the last of Forghieri’s work on a Ferrari production-model car


Just before the mid-sixties,  the Ferrari  Manufacturer marked a turning point to the technology of production  models ,  improving comfort and fittings and increasing performance.   It first happened with the Berlinetta 275 GTB  and  the Cabriolet 275 GTS, both designed by Pininfarina and presented  at the Paris Motor Show in 1964 with important innovations concerning the  rear axle with independent wheels  and the 5 gears unit together with the differential.

  This is the last project  on the Ferrari production  cars carried out by engineer Mauro Forghieri  before the final separation of the racing section  department  from the road-model  car  department.

Both the GTB and the GTS have adopted the 12 cylinder engine with single-shaft timing that  is an evolution of the “275”  (3286 cc)  employed  on the prototypes in the 1964 racing season.  On the Berlinetta, the  V12 engine supplied 280 HP while the GTS had 20 HP less.  Also the rims were different:  alloy for the GTB, “Borrani” classic spoked wheels for the Cabriolet designed by Pininfarina,  unlike its “saloon” sister designed by Scaglietti in Modena.

At the time of its introduction,  there was some expectation for the 275 GTS since already in 1962 Ferrari had ceased producing the 250 Spyder California and the 250 Cabriolet.  At present it appears to be quite rare because only 200 examples were built until May 1966,  when the production of the new 330 GTS  followed.

Technically more modern but heir in style to the classic open-top Ferraris,  the 275 GTS (chassis 07317) participating in the Concours “Castello di Miramare” was sold by Crepaldi Dealer in Milan in July 1965.  It still bears  its original colour   Blu chiaro 20295 A. Italver  with red upholstery  VM 3171”.