A lifetime with Berlinetta “Tour de France”

Designed by Pinin Farina and constructed in Modena by Scaglietti, Ferrari  250 Berlinetta “Tour de France” had actually been presented in 1956 as the “250 GT Competizione”.   In the same year Alfonso De Portago and Edmond Nelson had already triumphed in the “Tour Auto”:  such success for the model continued until 1959.

By popular acclaim, the “GT Competizione” was thus renamed “Tour de France” while the following “250 GT Berlinetta” – which had dominated the “Tour” for three years before the GTO – has never been associated with the French race.

Constructed in total as 72 pieces and in five slightly different series, the “TdF” is basically a racing car that combines the undisputed charm of its line with extreme competitiveness.

The car participating  in the Concorso di Eleganza “Castello di Miramare”  (chassis no. 0747/GT)  was sold by the Garage Montchoisy in Geneva to the Swiss pilot Jean Aumas on 6th September 1957 and two weeks later it won third place in the Tour de France with the Lucas-Malle team.  It raced in Europe until 1960 first with Aumas and later with the German pilot Shild, before being sold in the United States where its present owner Eros Crivellari bought it at the end of the 1970s.    Mr. Crivellari has driven it both in several historic races and reruns such as Mille Miglia, in a symbolic link with his agonistic activity in the 1950s.  In fact Mr. Crivellari has been a very good racing driver and between 1957 and 1958 he was able to race in two different Ferrari 250 “Tour de France” owned by his friend Oscar Papais.   In the Berlinetta “0509GT”, previously owned by pilot Giuliano Giovanardi from Modena,  the two drivers took part in the 1957 Mille Miglia (16th place overall)  and in the  12-Hour-Reims  (4th place overall).

On 15th January 1958, Oscar Papais bought the “Tour de France” no. 0787GT; in time to hand it to Crivellari who won the “Campionato Universitario” on the Modena track on 16th March

Daniele Buzzonetti