About us

A.A.V.S., a FIVA member since 2000, has cultural and study purposes and aims at preserving the historic vehicle heritage.

This activity is carried out mainly through proposals for laws that will make a clear distinction between historic and merely old vehicles.

While the former are deserving of being assimilated into real cultural assets, the latter cause damage to the collecting lobby since they give it a negative and distorted appearance.

Having foreseen with large anticipation that there would have been restrictions to circulation for non catalyst-fitted vehicles, in April 1998 a group of friends were induced to form this association whose main objective is to put in place any action suitable for guaranteeing all the historic vehicle enthusiasts the right of free circulation in the present and the future.
Therefore, since year 2000, A.A.V.S. has become promoter of a number of bills intended to modify the Highway Code.

The procedure for such bills has been dragged through four parliaments, with long slack periods followed by sudden accelerations but, ten years after A.A.V.S.’s first proposal, enactment of the bill has not yet occurred.

Up to now, one positive result is the fact that almost all parliamentarians have learnt about the existence of the movement for historic vehicles and its importance both cultural and social, and the all but minimal economic impact.

Besides these “political” actions, A.A.V.S. carries out an intense cultural and stimulating activity through the organisation of meetings on subjects related to collecting historic vehicles and supports in various ways the initiatives of the various Clubs and Teams which are A.A.V.S. members.

The yearly lectures by renowned names in the A.A.V.S. stand during the “Mostra Auto e Moto d’Epoca” in Padova have now become a regular rendez-vous for enthusiasts. Meanwhile, the two events called “Concorso Car Design”, intended for young designers, with winners respectively from Sri Lanka and Spain, have had world-wide success.

The Concours d’Elégance “Castello di Miramare” intends over the course of a few years to select the most beautiful cars in the world by means of preparatory events, the first of which was held in 2011.
Therefore, this is a serial event with a final objective and it does not represent the kind of event which is an end in itself.