An Alfa Romeo 8c 2300 with three passports

Famous mainly for the finish and fittings by Touring and Zagato,  Alfa Romeo  8C 2300 has also been “fitted out” by the German coachbuilder “Erdmann&Rossi” based in Berlin.

The car participating in the Concorso di Eleganza “Castello di Miramare” was built in 1932 and allows to  see the peculiar “technical” characteristics of the German coachbuilder, preferred by some customers for the accuracy and solidity of the work, deliberately distant from the sportsmanship chosen by the Italian stylists.

You can see it in the very wide fenders,  in the well proportioned windscreen, in the several chromes and the upholstery, including the multi-layer hood, the pursuit of comfort combined with the Alfa 8C’s  sportsmanship  (142 hp,  about 170 kph).

However, in certain cases Erdmann&Rossi had a special consultant  for the general styling of the lines,  well aware they had to “lighten” their tendency towards  massive construction.  It was the coachbuilder Etienne Brandone from Nice,  helped by his son Pierre.  This Alfa 8C 2300 was the one styled by Brandone.

Daniele Buzzonetti