Ferrari 857 S: a racing car with the road in its soul

Around 1954 the line of the Ferrari sports cars shows more attention to a streamlined design.

Streamlined cars with great aesthetic balance are produced.  They will characterise the races until the advent of the rear engine.  Among these,  is the rare Ferrari 857S, one of the protagonists in the Concorso di Eleganza “Castello di Miramare”, chosen for the charm of its refined design that anticipates the great road  Ferraris of the following years, the Convertibles and above all the California Spyders.

Made by the famous coachbuilder Sergio Scaglietti from Modena, the 857 recaptures the style of the “small” 500 Mondial built in 1954 by Scaglietti himself and later reintroduced by Pinin Farina in the construction of the first three 750 Monzas.

However, the following 30 cars were styled by Scaglietti and include some details typical of the bodywork stylist from Modena, in the beginning rejected by Enzo Ferrari: in particular the headrest and the streamlined lights.

It has been very hard to convince the Commendatore  –  Scaglietti often remembered.  I was convinced that they added a special mark to the line but the “boss” didn’t want to hear of it.  In order to convince him about the headrest I was helped by his son Dino, while about the lights the support of Aurelio Lampredi – head  of the Technical Department – was fundamental”.

The validity of these concepts can be also found in the 857S.  The model raced in the second half of the 1955 season and in 1956  (1st  in the Giro di Sicilia with Peter Collins).  At times it was updated as the “860 Monza”  (same characteristics but power raised to 310 hp).

Daniele Buzzonetti