From smuggling to Concours d’Elégance

A story of times gone by.  Times when the border between Trieste and Yugoslavia hid a world in some respects mysterious.  Times when smuggling of all kinds of goods was booming and ran along almost deserted roads where a powerful car could quite often get away with it.

Very fast, but by this time rather cheap, several models of Alfa Romeo 1900 were forced to end their life on the roads of the black market.

This was the case for a rare Pinin Farina 1900 Sprint model (100 hp, over 180 kph, built only in a few dozens).   It had been registered in Milano in June 1953 and five years later – in October 1958,   it was sequestrated by the Yugoslav Police in Zagreb due to illegal trafficking between Italy and Turkey.  The car has never come back to Italy.

It was later sold in Belgrade but some ten years ago it was recovered by the President of the historic automotoclub of Slovenia (SVS) who has carried out a long and patient restoration on it.

On the 12th-13th May week-end, with a clean record, it will finally be able to cross again the now symbolic border with Trieste.

Together with other 29 highly selected cars built up to the 1970s, the Alfa Romeo 1900 will take part in the prestigious “Concorso d’ Eleganza Castello di Miramare”.   At last a role fit for its class.

Daniele Buzzonetti