Pinin Farina’s first time design for Rolls Royce


The car belonged to an aristocratic Neapolitan, Demetrio Imperiali,  who lived  in Budapest in the 1930s.  He was the first owner of the 1934 R.R. Phantom II,  a  rare attraction at the Concours d’Elégance “Castello di Miramare”,  actually very rare since the car had been designed as a unique piece by Pinin Farina in 1935, at least in this guise.   It is rumoured that a second car  had been also designed,   but this was excluded  by the official   “Catalogue Raisonné”,  which  includes all the models created by the great Maestro from Turin.   Pinin Farina  has designed bodies for other Rolls Royces but not in such a guise.

The model Phantom II is characterized by a 7768 c.c.  6 cylinders in-line engine,  pushrod and rocker arm timing capable of reaching 170  HP at 3000 rev/min:   a rather high power for a car of its time.

At that time,  the car had been recovered seriously deteriorated  after a decades-long sequestration following a bankruptcy  case.   So the owner decided to contact the “Pavesi” from  Milan for the restoration of the body  and Bosato from Turin for overhauling the engine and mechanical parts.  

Apart from its dimensions  (it is 5.70 mt. long and 1.80 mt. high),   fundamentally only its  radiator grill in the shape of a Greek temple reminds us that it is a Rolls Royce.   In fact,  Pinin Farina has been able to create a more streamlined and rounded style compared with its traditional “Made in England” version.   It is still not at the level of the Phantom II designed in Corso Trapani in 1937  and  not by chance  described as an “owner driver’s car”.   The Phantom in question is still a car to be driven in most cases by a chauffeur, but its official definition (“ Sports Saloon”)   clearly proves that the great Pinin Farina had a different opinion:  maybe Bosato has followed his thoughts …