Concours d’Elégance “Castello di Miramare”

Art. 1

A.A.V.S.,  a  FIVA member,  organises the “Castello di Miramare”  International Concours d’Elégance for historic cars in  the park of the Miramare Castle in Trieste.

Art. 2

The event is by invitation for a maximum of 30 cars of any type or marque built from the 1930s  up to the 1970s.

Art. 3

Cars will be selected by a Technical Committee of acknowledged  experts in automobile history and design, on the basis of their historic, technical and aesthetic interest, their rarity and authenticity, as well as the elegance and sophistication of their styling.

Art. 4

Cars admitted to the Concours must be in perfect running order during the two days of the event and provided with valid insurance and with the necessary documentation as required by traffic law.

Art. 5

The Technical Committee will group the cars into three classes according to their year of building: from 1930s to 1940, up to 1960 and finally to the 1970s.  Within each class there could be categories referring to the type of  cars  (saloon, coupé, convertible  etc.)

Art. 6

Cars will be inspected by the Jury during  Saturday afternoon and fully examined and judged on Sunday morning  as specified in the programme.  On Sunday entrants must be present alongside their car during the Jury’s inspection to indicate any particular details.

Art. 7

The Jury’s decisions are final and thus no appeal or objections may be presented after publication of the official results.

Art. 8

Along  with the degree of originality, the state of preservation and/or the quality of the restoration work, the Jury will pay specific attention to the following aspects:  elegance and general sophistication of the styling, harmony of the colour schemes, elegance of the upholstery and fittings, elegance and conformity of the accessories, mechanical efficiency and conformity of the engine bay.  Convertible cars may be exhibited with their hoods lowered.  However the Jury may ask to see the car with  the hood correctly raised and fastened.

Art. 9

During the presentation,  entrants may provide the Jury with any relevant documentation regarding their car and its history which they believe to be useful in reaching an appropriate evaluation.  In case of unique or unusual features, adequate documentation confirming – among other things –  the period when any variation to the standard model was carried out, should be provided.

Art. 10

 In addition to the Prix d’Honneur awarded to the winners of the   three  age classes and/or types, and  to the “Best of Show” car,  a prize will be awarded by public referendum using forms distributed to the spectators  during  Saturday afternoon and  Sunday morning.

Art. 11

Entrants to the Concours d’Elégance must contact the Technical Committee at the A.A.V.S. address, submitting the essential technical characteristics  of the car (make, model, build year,  engine capacity, car maker), its history, if any,  plus some photos of the car,  to the following email address: